Consumers must have experiences that are

We deliver a simple and powerful way for brands and agencies to create these experiences using our proven direct marketing platform.

Mix Consumer Psychology with Online Marketing Efforts

The Backstory from Quikly's CEO Shawn Geller

Growing up, my parents absolutely hated shopping, but once a year they made a complete switch. That day was Black Friday. My parents became such captivated consumers that they’d even leave the family early on Thanksgiving. This visceral response was powerful and unique, and it stuck with me. On Black Friday, it seemed that discount was not the only factor driving action.

The Psychology Behind it All

Quikly bottles up the motivations below and allows brands to activate consumers in a fun and meaningful way. These four psychological motivations are important:

  • Anticipation


    The more we think about something, the higher we perceive the value to be.

  • Scarcity


    If something is limited, we feel that it's exclusive and premium.

  • Fear of missing out

    Fear of missing out

    We don't want to be the only one who's left out of the fun.

  • Competition


    When given the opportunity we want to win, not lose.

Benefits for Brands

Whatever your marketing goals may be – more effective online marketing ROI, more effective email blasts, improved data profiling, how to get more Twitter followers or ecommerce wins – the benefits Quikly can provide are incomparable and scalable when the time is right.

  • Start your campaign

    1. Start Your Campaign

    Launch exciting and memorable consumer engagement that sticks.

    Customer acquisition

    2. Customer Acquisition

    Organically acquire new, highly-targeted customers through direct marketing.

  • Captivated audience

    3. Captivated Audience

    Build a captivated and meaningful audience for your brand.

    Purchase consideration

    4. Purchase Consideration

    Drive purchase consideration and sales with pinpoint accuracy.

Target audience

Consumers Must Love It

Captivating a consumer is easier said than done. Most marketing efforts aren’t well executed and are doing more harm than good. If you’re not adapting to today’s consumer expectations and desires, you’ll soon be forgotten.

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Make It Easy and Scalable

Marketers are busy. We help some of the world’s largest brands define, plan, and execute some of the most successful direct marketing campaigns they’ve ever run. In just a few hours, your first Quikly release can be produced and launched to start engaging consumers.

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Transparency is King

Direct marketing should be easy to measure. What was the goal? Was it achieved? We can easily help you reach your main goals and accurately measure the true ROI.

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A Selection Of Brands We've Worked With

  • Microsoft
  • Loft
  • Godiva
  • Dominos
  • Petsuppliesplus

Jumpstart your online marketing

Consumers want change. Brands want stronger relationships with consumers and more sales conversions from online marketing efforts. We can help you reach and engage, and keep your consumers captivated.